Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that Ada Productions has partnered up with Reallusion as a featured Content Developer.

In 2021 we started to adapt DMFX for iClone and Character Creator. Now you can create the same high fidelity cinematic makeup effects with the very intuitive Reallusion software range.

So far we have created a variety of sets that cover individual project needs. You can purchase those sets directly from the Reallusion Content Store. The great thing about the DMFX Skin Gen Assets is that you can move, mix, blend, change the color and specular levels of any DMFX asset we have created. DMFX for Reallusion’s Character Creator offers you an excellent starting point, the rest is up to your imagination.

Create your own look and level up your design.

All sets are available through the Reallusion Content Store

Visit our Youtube channel to find out more:

The General Set 1

The General Set 2

The War Set

The Gore Set

The Zombie Set 1

Note: All Sets require the Skin Gen Plugin.

Happy Creating!

Simone Boria







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