DMFX Design Tools

With our library of VDM brushes, you can create your makeup FX in record time. Professionalise your makeup FX  designs or take your skin & wound effects to the next level.

Makeup FX in record time.

No more setup or sculpting time. Create endless designs from just one brush. Combine our brushes with each other or our alpha skin textures and you can create something completely new. Anyone entering digital production can quickly professionalise their makeup FX design skills, or take them to the next level. Become a Makeup FX Design Professional in no time.

Start your transition with our free downloads and tutorials.

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  • reduce your sculpting & finishing time
  • generate ideas faster
  • morph, change and generate designs faster
  • create realistic, cinematic, or stylised makeup FX designs in no time
  • pre-visualise your creature, character, and makeup FX ideas before sculpting
  • combine to create something amazingly strange
  • integrate digital makeup FX, and prosthetics makeup specialists into your VFX team

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