Assets for Cinematic Wound & Scar Effects

Simply track and comp realistic wounds and scars onto any shot. No need for a green screen or tracking markers.

Our library of digital wounds and scars include the most used cinematic makeup effects.

Tight budgets and shooting schedules can be a problem, ou re-usable assets can help you to move some of the prosthetic makeup effects into your post-production, saving you time on set while reducing production costs thus giving you more flexibility. You can save up to 50% on your makeup fx budget while gaining MORE TIME FOR CREATIVITY.

Watch our tutorials to see how it is done.

Type of Wound Assets

Bullet Hits

• 9mm Entry & Exit Wounds
• Rifle entry & Exit Wounds
• Shotgun Wounds
• Shrapnel Wounds

Stab Wounds

• Stab Wounds
• Animal Slash Wound
• Curved and Y-Cut Wounds

Burn Wounds

• Burn Blisters
• Burn Scars (Fresh & Old)
• Fresh & Flash Burns
• Gore Wounds

Product Features

  • Four different skin shaders for better colour adjustment.

  • All assest are priovided with a height, a metalness, 2 normal (incl.openGL) and a roughness, an ambient, an occlusion, a curvature, a flat ID, a direcrX, a position, a scattering, a thickness, and a world space map and can be rendered in Arnold or Blender (Eevee).

  • The maps are delivered in tiff format.

  • All maps are rendered in 4K resolution.
  • Each asset easily integrates into any compositing package of your choice.


  • Note: All assets were rendered using the render pre-sets of Substance Painter. The Adobe Substance website offers further documentation as to where to put the map in the various slots to get the best renders possible with the particular package.


Customization & Individual Packaging

Each asset is designed to give ARTISTS AND TEAMS more latitude when creating digital makeup FX shots. Please contact us should you need any wound or scar effects that are not covered by our sets. Individual or personalized packaging is also possible.

Should you have any queries regarding customization or packaging, or anything else, we are happy to help.

Contact us at or call on +43 699 17 89 89 41