We Design You Choose

We offer two sets of products. Our Design Tools and “out of the box” Assets, both fulfill different parts of the production pipeline.

Design tools are deployed to create makeup designs by artists in Z brush for game characters, concept designs, visualisations and film VFX shots alike. Our “out of the box” Assets form a library of the most requested makeup FX that can be pushed into the post-production arena. Both are useful at different stages of your production or project.

Shrapnel Effect

Brushes & Textures for 3D Artists

Speed up your character creation with our pre-sculpted (Z brush) VDM tools. These are a great choice for Game Character Designers, Pre-visualisation and Digital Makeup FX design.



Image Composite of a DMFX Scar Asset

Assets for Film & TV Projects

Speed up your film and TV productions with our pre-sculpted wound and scar assets, designed for filmmakers, compositors, post houses and 3D generalists alike.