The future of prosthetic makeup FX is DIGITAL.

So welcome to the World of DMFX.

Create Stunning Digital Makeup FX with Our Design Tools

Add Wound or Scar Effects to any Shot

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For newcomers or makeup artists who want to transition into digital production, we have devised a set of step-by-step tutorials to support your transition. If you are a professional that is curious about our product, check out our demos.

Who we are

We are creative professionals with diverse experiences and technical expertise. What we have in common is the love for film aswell as VFX and the challenges that come with it.

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Our experience

Prosthetic & Special Makeup Effects- 25 years
Art & Design - 34 years
VFX Supervison- 5-25 years
Video Production - 10- 25 years
VFX Production - 5 years
Development -3 years

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Here you can find out about projects, people, lastest releases and milestones of our journey.

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