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Can I use the free downloads commercially?

Our BETA assets are for professional evaluation purposes only. They can not be repackaged or redistributed and only modified for test purposes only. Not for commercial projects.

Who can use these files?

Any artist with a good working knowledge of packages such as Zbrush, Maya, Fusion, Nuke, Substance, Mari etc. Ada Productions accepts no liability for the use of these evaluation assets.

What do I need to open the files?

The 3D BETA test assets integrate easily into 3D packages such Maya, Blender, 3DS Max etc.

What do I do with the work I create with these assets?

We really value your opinion, feedback and input to make DMFX’s future builds more effective. Therefore we encourage you to share any experiences you have with our product, leave a comment or get in touch either through the website or via mail: info@ada-productions.at.

Thank you in advance for giving us feedback, getting in touch and/or letting us see what you created with the help of our DMFX library.

Will you be offering other formats in the future?

Yes. In the future we will be bringing our assets to other packages for both VFX compositors and texture finishing artists for games and film alike.

What can I use these files for?

You can create anything you like but we do not condone the use of our products for the creation of pornographic images or assets or films that promote sexist, racist or extremist views of any kind. Ada Productions has a zero tolerance for such visual materials.

Can I edit the files?

Our Files for Zbrush: The Zbrush BETA VDM files are not intended to be edited and need to be loaded into the Zbrush program via the brush panel.

Our 3D Test Assets: The 3D test assets are OBJ or FBX files. These files are intended mainly for compositors. They can be uploaded into Nuke or Fusion 9 or any compositing software that supports thes files. Watch our video tutorial by Alan Marques in the tutorial section to find out more!

Our 3D Test Assets Maps: They have been purposely left unmasked so any compositor can blend the asset and re-light it in the 3D viewport. Any TIFF image can be taken into Photoshop or Gimp and edited for evaluation purposes only. If you are inverting the geometry, the normal map map channel will also have to be flipped over. Image formats available at this BETA test stage are 16bit Tiffs and samples of common formats such as PBR, Vray etc.

Our BETA Alphas: No editing is allowed on the test evaluation alphas.

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